“God Feeds Among His Lilies And He Takes Pleasure In Them”  SOS 2:16

Come and grow with us. Remember as Children of God, we must learn to live  life for later and our today will be greater!!!

Jesus, we have been Your hands, Your ears, Your eyes, Your feet and Your laborers in Your vineyard. Truly, we know there is still much work to do and we will do it as we grow in Your Mercy and Your Grace.  We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to teach, guide, lead, convict, challenge, and comfort us as we do Your Will. “The Lily” truly desires to be all that You have called and ordained our church to be. We pray that God our Heavenly Father, Jesus our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit our guide and our teacher are pleased with our response to the question What Have You Done For Me Lately?

 We ask that the Heavenly Trinity stay in the midst of “The Lily”collectively and individually for we can do nothing without the Heavenly Trinity.  We ask that resources continue to flow from Heaven above to each member of “The Lily” to complete all assignments of ministry that come to us.  We thank You Father in advance for hearing and answering our prayer.

We pray this prayer in the Name of Jesus, The Christ.