Childcare Ministry, Precious Gifts Visionaries Childcare

This ministry…

  •  Nurtures children from all backgrounds with tender loving care
  •  Keep 10% of our children free as a tithe back to God
  •  Provide free transportation to and from school and to and from PGV Childcare
  •  Assist parents in completing various application for childcare funding
  •  Purchase school uniforms for children in need of them to meet school requirements
  •  Pray over and anoint with oil children who are ill
  •  Counsel with children and parents who just need someone to talk to daily
  •  Serve four nutritional meals a day Monday through Friday for children attending childcare
  • Serve meals to children who walk in needing food
  •  Prepare and distribute nutritional take home meals for families
  •  Counsel with children and parents upon request
  •  Attend school conference sessions with parents when asked
  •  Serve as surrogate parent for parents taking children to medical appointments and attend school conferences for parents
  •  Attend court hearings with parents and children when needed and asked
  •  Stand in the gap for children when parents are fighting acting like children and using their children as pawns


Children are Precious Gifts from God and He is holding Us Responsible for nurturing them into Godly Little People and value added citiizens.  Can we do it?  YES! WE CAN!

Precious Gifts Visionaries Childcare is predicated on the belief that the foundation for life is laid during a person’s first five years of life.

We believe that parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children.  We offer a challenging and supportive environment for each individual child.  In an environment in which family, school, and Godly teachings work together to give children the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential with an end results of walking in their GOD give journey, purpose, and to their destiny.

We believe wholeheartedly that GOD cares for the day, and Precious Gifts Visionaries nurtures the Children.  In order to be whole, a Child must develop Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Intellectually.  Knowing and believing this Precious Gifts Visionaries Childcare blends attentive care during the day with educational opportunities in all areas of development.

This oneness of wholeness is achieved through an attractive, safe environment; utilizing individual and group-learning experiences to ensure children progress towards responsible Christian Citizenship with strong Christian character and values.

We are affordable.  We accept CCDF. Our hours of operation are 5:15 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Come grow with us.

3333 N Meridian St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

(317) 926 – 4438